Young Adults' Sponsor Child Signup

Date 4/1/16
Cost $5/month

The TBC Young Adults group is beginning to sponsor a young boy in Haiti.

Davidson Colas lives in Baussan, Haiti, and goes to a school run by Mission E4, a Christian organization based in Massachusetts. For $35/month, our young adults group wants to help provide him with books, new clothes and food in a part of the world where he may not get those things otherwise.

Sign up below to join us! We are splitting the cost of the sponsorship into $5 increments per person per month. (That’s the cost of a Starbucks latte once a month.)

This sponsorship is for as long as you choose to do it - however, we ask that you commit to sponsor Davidson for at least 6 months before finding someone else to take your spot.

Please contact Melody van Achterberg if you have any other questions!

Sign up to Sponsor Davidson!