Our teen drama team’s presentation of Dreams in the City of Fire on Dec. 4th & 5th was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who supported and helped with the production.

We were privileged to have close to 200 people in our audience on both Friday and Saturday evenings, and the performances went very well - despite our strobe light falling off of the stage on Friday, and having some traffic issues backstage on Saturday!

Dreams in the City of Fire is the story of Darren Moore and Marianne Stanowski’s lives on Coney Island in 1929. As Darren (played by Lucas P.) lives the life of a daredevil and a heartthrob, chasing after the excitement of Coney Island and living every day on the edge of insanity, Marianne (Julie E.) struggles with how to help her childhood friend turn to Christ for fulfillment instead.

When the stock market crash of 1929 hits New York at the end of Act 1, Darren is faced with the consequences for his recklessness, and realizes (after a series of painful experiences) that the happiness he is chasing after can only be found in the Jesus Marianne is always trying to tell him about.

This year’s play was full of lighthearted humor and memorable characters. Darren and Marianne were both brought to life by the talented young actors who portrayed them - with Darren’s cocky bravado not making the audience root for him any less, and Marianne’s conflicted emotions resonating with those who have experience losing friends because of faith in Christ.

It was clear that the entire cast worked very hard to make this show come to life - the characters of quirky Rollins (David H.), unassuming Kirby (Sara D.), patient Harriet Stanowski (Sylvia J.), carefree Stosh (John J.), and impassive Nick (Kyle J.) all did a great job of capturing the audience’s attention and holding it! It was fun to watch the characters interact onstage.

The set design this year was also remarkable! With fold-up walls that allowed for two settings on the main stage, two side-stages for additional locations, carnival games and even a roller coaster ride that actually moved, the set builders (Bob Ploszaj and his team) did a fantastic job.

For Pastor Matt Harper, Dreams in the City of Fire marked the 10th annual fall play he has directed with the teens at TBC, and once again he trained the young people (ages 13-18) to perform at a higher level of expertise than most would expect from them. This year’s cast of 24 teenage actors and actresses was the largest Pastor Harper has had yet, but he was able to direct them all admirably - giving each one a part in the show and coaching them all individually on their acting and speaking techniques throughout the three months of preparation leading up to the performances.

Between the fun 20’s costumes, great acting, interesting set, overall smooth scene transitions, and enjoyable story, the play was a smashing success, and it is our hope that not only did the audience enjoy it for its memorable moments, but that they also came away recognizing that while this world may offer thousands upon thousands of thrilling pleasures, it is living for Jesus Christ that truly fulfills the desires of every person.