What are Truth Sports Leagues?

Truth Sports Leagues (TSL) are unique to most youth sports programs.

Our focus is on child development and fun interaction.  In our leagues, kids come first.  That’s why every child gets to play in each week’s games under friendly, mentoring coaches who love kids, not just competition.

What does the season look like?

We conclude each season with a grand finale tournament and awards ceremony, when every child receives a trophy and is also eligible for other specialty awards.

A huge thank-you to Charity D. for filming and editing this great 2016 Soccer Tournament recap video!

Who can play?

Boys & girls ages 7-12 are eligible to play basketball and soccer.

Our cost is $30 per child, which includes all league fees and a numbered team jersey each child gets to keep.

Parents are important to us as well, so we do what we can to make the practice and game environments fun and relaxing while moms & dads watch the kids play.  Our snack stand is stocked, our operations are efficient and effective, and our staff is approachable.

We’d love to have you join us this season!

Where is TSL held?

Winter Basketball: Both the practices and games are held at Truth Baptist Church, in our gym on the right-hand side of the building.

Fall Soccer: Practices and games are held at Truth Baptist Church, on our large field behind the building.


How did TSL begin?

Truth Sports Leagues is a ministry of Truth Baptist Church. The leagues started in 2004 out of a desire to more effectively reach out and give back to the community of the greater Hartford area.

Each season, our operational staff consists of church volunteers who are trustworthy, friendly, and have a heart to serve the parents and kids involved in the sports leagues.

Our coaches and assistant coaches are carefully selected volunteers who not only have a knowledge of the game, but also possess a love for children and a desire to see them grow in athletic ability, in character, and in their walk with God.

Keith Tower has managed the Truth Sports Leagues since the first season.  As league manager he directs the operational functions of the league workers, and serves as the key point of contact for all support staff, coaches, players, and their parents.  To contact Keith, email him or call 860-966-8870.

Our Mission

Our mission at Truth Sports Leagues is to give a clear picture of God and His love to the kids and parents of the greater Hartford community.

In our estimation, if all we do is teach kids the skills of a sport, we’ve failed them and their parents. Our desire is to see kids grow outwardly in their skills and athletic abilities, but more importantly we want to see them develop strong character and a deeper relationship with God.  That’s why fun and personal development are more important to us than winning and competition.

Competitive sports leagues have their needed place, but if you’re interested in more than the win-loss column, Truth Sports Leagues is the right league for you!