Posted 5/30/20 @ 5:48 pm
May 23rd Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends, God does not want us to be afraid.  Instead, he rewards us for being serving, being confident, and being courageous.  God is faithful and will remember to reward us when life is done. 

Posted 5/2/20 @ 5:00 pm
May 2nd Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends, There are different types of people in every local church.  Some struggle to make ends meet and need to pray daily for their "daily bread."  However, we find in the last verses of 1 Timothy that there are some who have more means.  Both the rich and poor need to beware of covetousness as that is a sin that can afflict every person. 

Posted 4/11/20 @ 6:00 pm
Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! We invite you to tune in on Sunday for our Easter livestream at 10:30am!

Posted 4/11/20 @ 6:00 am
April 11th Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends, My wife and I viewed the testimony of an American pastor who faced opposition and prejudice from his neighbors because he was born a German and was living in America with his family during WWI.  He understood the issue even though his own son was drafted to fight in the American Army against Germany.  He encouraged himself and his family with the thought that if Jesus endured the hatred and the suffering of the cross for us, we ought to continue to love even those who misunderstand and misrepresent us.  His love won over many of those who opposed him.

Posted 4/10/20 @ 6:00 am
Good Friday Musical Meditations

Dear TBC Family & Friends, It is Friday, but Sunday is coming!

Posted 3/21/20 @ 6:00 pm
March 21st Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends, We hope this email finds you well and adjusting to a physically-distancing life and able to have spent time this past week reflecting on the goodness and faithfulness of our God.  Do not forget that He is in control.  To our knowledge, He has still protected our church family from this virus.  

Posted 3/17/20 @ 9:00 pm
March 17th Update

Dear Church Family, I am grateful to God that no one we know of in our church family has gotten the virus.  As I said on Sunday, my greatest fear is that I might have it, get it, or promote activities that could pass it to others, putting people I love in jeopardy of their health and their livelihoods.  In light of the current situation, all formal church gatherings are temporarily moved online until further notice.

Posted 3/14/20 @ 9:04 pm
March 14th Update

Dear TBC Family, At Truth Baptist Church, we are a family. We are literal brothers and sisters in Christ, and by our love for each other the world will know that we are Christ’s followers. Our church family members and communities are facing two crises: a virus that is real, dangerous, and spreading, and a social/economic crisis with the shutting down of many parts of our society. In both the virus and the response to the virus, fear is abounding in our society.

Posted 3/14/20 @ 9:53 am
COVID-19 Update

Read our latest COVID-19 Update!

Posted 3/12/20 @ 4:18 pm
Basketball Season Postponed

After careful consideration and prayer and after consulting with many of our coaches and staff, it is with great disappointment we inform you that we have decided to end the remainder of the Truth Basketball Season. If possible, we would love to finish out the final few games and have a tournament later in April or May.

Community Outreach

God puts us in this world to be lights in the darkness and to give hope in pain. To this end, we desire to impact and make a difference in our community through many different ministries.

Events & Programs

Throughout the year we have different events to help organizations in our community and give people a chance to connect with one another.

Community events include:
Vacation Bible School (VBS)

One of our favorite summertime activities is our annual Vacation Bible School!

TBC’s free VBS is held on weekday evenings for one week each summer, typically in July. From fun activities like crafts, outdoor games and Bible lessons, to the daily free ice cream and an entertaining skit, kids love VBS!

Truth Sports Leagues (TSL)

Through our basketball and soccer leagues, we provide family-friendly sports with an atmosphere designed for learning. The majority of participants come from the local community.

Learn more about our sports leagues! 

Other Ministries

Many people in our church individually run ministries on their own, including Bible studies, nursing home ministries, and child sponsorship programs.