March 21st Update

Saturday, March 21st

Dear TBC Family & Friends,

We hope this email finds you well and adjusting to a physically-distancing life and able to have spent time this past week reflecting on the goodness and faithfulness of our God.  Do not forget that He is in control.  To our knowledge, He has still protected our church family from this virus.  

As you have heard, tomorrow’s services are going to be held online. God has created us with a desire for connection and a need to invest in each other’s lives, and the links in this email should give you multiple ways to do just that. 

The end of this email includes a special note from Pastor Rowley with a recommended article to read and a link to a video entitled Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty (start at minute 7).

The following is a list of some of the ways to connect this week.  Click on the link at the time of the meeting to be taken to the Zoom meeting or Livestream.  For Zoom meetings, please join with a tablet, computer, or phone.  Ideally, your device will include a microphone and webcam so you can interact with the others in the meeting.  If you need to join with just audio over a regular phone line, please contact the teacher for a phone number to dial.

Sunday, 9:15am - Skip and Beth Mission Combined ABF Class

Bring a prayer request and a testimony as we have so much to talk about.  The discussion/lesson will be about how to pray in these times. 

Sunday, 9:15am - Pastor Rowley’s ABF Class

One of the great testimonies to the reality of God and His wisdom is that He gave Israel laws that insured good health. This morning we will look at some of those laws and how they demonstrate that God is real, God is wise, God is loving and concerned for His people.  Anyone teen or adult can join.

Sunday, 9:30am Teen SS Class

Jon & Chloe Mission will be teaching the Teen SS Class.  All teens are invited to join.

Sunday, 9:30am - Junior Church (Ages 4 - 10)

We’ll start our lesson at 9:30am, but we’ll have the meeting open at 9:15 to allow parents time to log in and get their kids settled.  We’ll make sure to be done early enough to give you a break before the service begins streaming at 10:30. If you’d like to print out the optional worksheet to accompany the Junior Church lesson ahead of time, you’ll find it attached to this email.


The livestream can be accessed on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube 15 minutes before the start of the service.  Gather the whole family to worship with us for our morning service livestream on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  Pastor Rowley will be preaching on Promotion and Prospering God’s Way from 1Timothy 4:12-16.  Paul gives Timothy a seemingly impossible command in 1Ti 4:12 - “Don’t let people despise your youth.”  Apparently there were people in Ephesus that did not think Timothy was worth listening to because he was so young (38 to 40 years old!).  As Christians, we want people to listen to us so we can help them - our children, our disciples, and even those who don’t know Christ around us.  But what is our responsibility in getting people to listen to us?  How can we obtain God’s help to prosper in accomplishing His will?  Join with us to discover God’s way to promotion and prospering.


We will be discovering how technology can be greatly used for good (i.e. this Zoom meeting) but can also cause us to focus on the approval of our peers. If not careful, we can begin to live for “likes,” “friends,” “followers,” “clicks,” “retweets,” etc. Please join us as we delve into this important subject to see how to live in this digital world and still please God.

Monday, 7:00pm - Junior High Girls Apologetics Class

Kirsten LaBranche is hosting an apologetics class each week for the Junior High Girls.  Please have a pack of notecards or a pad of paper and a pen ready when you sign on!

Monday, 7:00pm 5th & 6th Grade Class

Ron Radziewicz and Adam Ploszaj teach this class for boys and girls in the 5th and 6th grade age group.

Tuesday, 2:00pm - Ladies Bible Fellowship

Beth Mission invites all ladies to join for a time of Bible study and prayer.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - TEEN Group Bible Study & Fellowship

All teens are invited.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Ron Radziewicz Life Group

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Chuck & Debbie Jutras Life Group

Wednesday, 7:00pm Pastor & Deanna Rowley Life Group

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Marriage Class with Jay & Crystal van Achterberg


If you would like to join a Life Group or Adult Bible Fellowship group, please just join in via the links above or text or call Kevin Tower at 860-916-5062.  If you would like to start up a virtual prayer group or Bible study with a few of your friends, you can also contact Kevin Tower or Melanie Harper.  If you have any urgent needs that you would like to share with the new Care Team, you can send an email to .  

We are working to be responsive to needs, ideas, and opportunities.  If you have any questions or ideas, please contact any one of our staff.

Looking Unto Jesus,

PR & TBC Staff

Helpful Video by Tim Keller:  Peace in Times of Suffering and Uncertainty (start at minute 7).

Note from Pastor Rowley:
Dear TBC Family and Friends,

We may not understand why pandemics happen or the means by which God’s glory will ultimately be magnified through them.  However, I have found people very interested in how God protected the nation of Israel from contagious diseases and sicknesses through many of the commandments given by Moses in the Law.  No other nation around them had anything other than superstition, rituals, and often deadly traditions to deal with these things. 

God’s law includes regulations concerning cleanliness, health testing (inspections), quarantines, dietary restrictions, covering disease-causing refuse, sexual prohibitions, etc. all of which protected the health of the nation. 

Astoundingly these regulations about washing clothes upon which something died or breaking porous pots but putting brass pots in a hot fire and separation from potential communicable diseases were centuries even millennia before modern science discovered bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

These regulations are evidence that our God created the world and knows far more about health and life than man knows.  Click here to read an article that I think will amaze you and maybe others at the wisdom of the all-knowing and eternal God.