Posted 10/30/21 @ 12:00 pm
October 31 Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow we begin to examine Paul's exhortation of gospel unity to the Philippian church. The message will be both practical and challenging as we all seek to have gospel unity. For Sunday Evening we will be resuming our evangelism series with Pastor Keith bringing us the Word of God. He will help us grow and exhort us in the specific aspect of proclaiming the gospel to our co-workers.

Posted 10/23/21 @ 12:00 pm
October 23 Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow we will continue our study in Philippians where we will examine Paul's mentality on life. I pray that as we see his outlook and perspective on life, it will challenge us to orient our minds and hearts towards the things of God.

Posted 10/16/21 @ 2:00 pm
October 16 Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow we will be continuing our study in Philippians. We will be looking at how God uses all circumstances to advance His gospel and how we as Christians can have gospel attitudes when we seek to serve God.

Posted 10/9/21 @ 3:00 pm
October 9th Announcements and Connection Links

As we begin our journey in Philippians 1:3-11, we will take a look at what "Genuine Partnership in the Gospel" looks like. I pray that God will open our hearts to receive His Word and for us to be challenged to conform to His will.

Posted 10/2/21 @ 12:00 pm
October 2nd Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow we will be starting Philippians. I am excited to go through this short letter with you all as I believe God will use it to challenge all of us to consider how central the gospel is in our lives.

Posted 9/25/21 @ 1:00 pm
September 25th Announcement and Connection Links

We have the privilege of having the Frazor team with us tomorrow. Jeremy Frazor will be leading the ABF time as well as preaching God’s word to us for the Sunday morning service.

Posted 9/18/21 @ 12:00 pm
September 18th Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow morning will mark a significant moment in the life and history of Truth Baptist Church.  We are going to officially install John Vo as our next lead pastor. 

Posted 9/11/21 @ 12:00 pm
September 11th Announcements and Connection LInks

Tomorrow morning I am going to try the impossible.  I would like to tackle "The Mystery of the Church."  This will be an overview of the entire Bible and a review of history from eternity past to eternity future. I believe this message will help you understand the Bible as a whole and hopefully give you a greater understanding of the "eternal purpose of God."  The angels are watching the Church Age unfold and are astounded by God's "manifold wisdom" revealed by the Church.

Posted 9/4/21 @ 12:00 pm
September 4th Announcements and Connections Links

Elijah leaves in a chariot of fire.  This is exciting but the main message of 2Kings 2 is the example of Elisha's spiritual maturity.  Elisha shows us how to handle potential misunderstandings with older Christians and how to graciously handle annoyances and frustrations caused by immature Christians.

Posted 8/28/21 @ 12:00 pm
August 28th announcements & connection links

Toward the end of Elijah's life on earth, God had him send an unpopular message to the King. The King was not happy and sent a captain with 50 men to arrest Elijah. Elijah prayed that God would send fire and destroy them – God did. The King sent another captain and his 50 and the same thing happened. The King sent another captain with 50 who humbly appealed to Elijah for mercy. Please come tomorrow morning to explore the very real world where we live applications of this passage to our lives.