Posted 1/8/22 @ 11:00 am
January 8th Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow we will finish up our New Year's series as we look to TBC's future with some more principles to apply regarding ministry success. How do we determine what is success in the eyes of God as we do ministry? I hope to provide a general biblical answer to the question. If you are able please also come back on Sunday Evening as Pastor Rowley gives us more of his wisdom on the Word of God. It will be a great time of learning and fellowship afterward. 

Posted 1/1/22 @ 12:00 pm
January 2nd Announcements and Connection Links

I am excited to see what God will do in our church this coming year. Tomorrow I will be starting a two-part series that will provide some biblical principles for us to remember and follow as we think about TBC's future. 

Posted 12/25/21 @ 2:00 pm
December 25th Announcements & Connections Links

Tomorrow we will be ending our Christmas series with the basic question, "What's next after salvation?" If we believe and trust in Christ, then what does that mean for our life now?" If you are able please also come back Sunday Evening for worship and a time in God's Word.

Posted 12/18/21 @ 12:00 pm
December 18th Announcements and Connection links

Tomorrow we will have part 2 of the Christmas series as we look at The Hope of Christmas. The birth of Jesus brings an abundance of hope, some of which we will talk about tomorrow. It is my prayer that the birth of Christ is some a stale story, but something that refreshes our hearts every year and reminds us of the great hope we have in Christ.

Posted 12/11/21 @ 12:00 pm
December 11th Announcements & Connecticut Links

Starting tomorrow, we will begin a Christmas series. Before we actually look at the birth of Christ, I want to explore the idea that God is a promise keeping God. In fact, it's because He is a promise keeping God, that we know the promise of the Messiah is real and true! Join us to hear Part 1 of the Christmas series.

Posted 12/4/21 @ 12:00 pm
December 4th Announcements & Connection Links

Tomorrow morning we will be having a communion service. The goal and focus of the service will be prayer, meditation, and singing as we corporately take Communion together as an act of worship to God. I hope that tomorrow's order of service will be a blessing and a time of reflection and worship. Also, if you are able, please come back and join us for the Sunday Evening service.

Posted 11/27/21 @ 1:00 pm
November 28th Announcements & Connection Links

We will be continuing our study through Philippians tomorrow as we read about two great examples of godly humble servants, Timothy and Epaphroditus. My prayer for tomorrow as we learn a little bit about these two men is that we would all be able to model our lives after their godly character.

Posted 11/20/21 @ 1:00 pm
November 20 Announcements & Connection Links

Tomorrow we will be in Philippians 2:12-18. Continuing in the context of gospel unity, Paul gives several more exhortations for us to heed and apply in our lives. Please come worship with us and hear from God's word to see how we can continually grow in gospel unity with one another.

Posted 11/13/21 @ 4:00 pm
November 13 Announcements & Connection Links

Tomorrow we will continue our study in Philippians and we will be examining 2:5-11. It is perhaps one of the richest theological passages we have about Christ and His mission on earth. But the passage all connects to Philippians 2:1-4! Come join us tomorrow to see how the gospel itself motivates gospel unity!

Posted 11/6/21 @ 12:00 pm
November 6 Announcements and Connection Links

Tomorrow we are jumping right back into Philippians as Paul continues to talk about gospel unity. I pray that God will use His word to challenge and refine TBC to live gospel-centered lives by living with gospel unity.  Pastor Rowley will be finishing up our series on evangelism in the evening service. If you are able, please join us.