November 21 Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends,

On Sunday morning we will continue our 2 (but now 3) part series on Viewing the Future through the Lens of God’s Glory.  How will earth’s history end?  If God is the Greatest Conceivable Being, how would He bring earth’s history to a close in a way that will bring the greatest glory to Himself?  Last week we saw that Jesus prayed, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  God Has determined, “Truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord” and “all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord as the water’s cover the sea.”

The question we will attempt to answer is how God will get us from here to there.  How can God bring a world that hates Him become a world in which will be filled with saved people who love to thank God for His goodness to them?  There will be some upheaval between now and then.  Please come or watch on livestream.

Sunday evening we plan to discuss a few topics from Sunday morning that touch on end time events.

Thank you for being faithful to the Lord.



1.  We will be decorating the church for Christmas after the 11/29 morning service.  Anyone is welcome to stay and help decorate!

2.  We want to congratulate Zak and Seyona and Kirsten, Ben, & Nate now that the adoption is final!  We praise the Lord for the gift of adoption.

3.  As a general reminder, please don’t come to church in person if you or anyone in your household have any flu-like symptoms or Covid-19 symptoms.  Please continue to pray for God to protect our church from this virus.


Click on the link at the time of the meeting to be taken to the Zoom meeting or Livestream. 
Sunday School classes are both in person and over Zoom.  If you don’t see your child’s age group, please join the class that is closest to their age group.

Sunday, 9:15am 2’s - 5’s Sunday School Class (IN PERSON ONLY)
Deanna Rowley teaches this class.  Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am - 1st - 2nd Grade Sunday School Class (IN PERSON ONLY)
Chris Lanyon teaches this class.  Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am - 1st - 4th Grade Sunday School Class

Kirsten LaBranche is teaching all 3rd - 4th graders in person and 1st - 4th graders over Zoom.  Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am Junior High Boys Class (7-9th grade)
Scott Powell and Jon Mission teach this class for boys in 7th-9th grade both in person and over Zoom.  Any boys in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am - Junior High Girls Class (7-9th grade) (IN PERSON ONLY)
Sharon Purdie teaches this class.  Any girls in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:30am - Teen Sunday School Class

10-12th grade teens are invited to this class taught in person and via Zoom by Chloe Mission and Keith Tower.

Sunday, 9:15am - Young Adult Bible Study (IN PERSON ONLY)
Jim Hoover and the St. Pierres are teaching this class.  They are going through a series on Genesis by Max Lucado.  Anyone in this age group is welcome to join.

Sunday, 9:15am - Skip Mission Adult Bible Fellowship Class
We are starting a class on evangelism. The gospel spread to the whole Roman empire in 40 years without technology. Hmmm?  We will Zoom the class from church from the classroom off of the Gym. Masks are used by some depending on space / distance in consideration of others. Contact Skip for handouts at .  Anyone is welcome to join.

Sunday, 9:15am Ladies’ Bible Study and Prayer
Beth Mission’s group is both in person and over Zoom for all ladies.  Any ladies are welcome to join.

Sunday, 9:15am - Pastor Rowley’s ABF Class

Anyone can join.  Please join us if you haven’t found an ABF that fits.

Sunday, 9:30am - “Guarding Your Child’s Heart” Adult Bible Study (IN PERSON ONLY)
This 13 week class will be discussing the Biblical principles presented in Gary Smalley’s video series, “Guarding Your Child’s Heart.”  Anyone is welcome to join.  This class will be meeting in the Young Married’s Classroom at the end of the balcony in the gym.  Nursery is provided.


The livestream can be accessed on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube 15 minutes before the start of the service.  Gather the whole family to worship with us for our morning service either in-person or via livestream on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. 

Sunday, 10:50am - Junior Church

Junior Church will be in person (ages 4-8) and over Zoom (ages 4-11) at 10:50am.  Junior Church will begin after the song service during the main worship service time.

Sunday, 5:00pm - Prayer Time for Church and Community Needs

Anyone can join and pray with us!


Anyone can join the evening service via Zoom! 

Tuesday, 7:00pm - Joseph & Rebecca Pondugula Life Group

This life group is open to anyone.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - TEEN Group Bible Study & Fellowship

All teens are invited both in person and over Zoom.

Wednesday, 7:00pm Pastor & Deanna Rowley Life Group

Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Elvis & Christine Chidozie Life Group

This life group is currently studying the gospel according to John and focusing on the theme of true life and what this means for us today. Anyone is invited to join. 

If you would like to join a Life Group or Adult Bible Fellowship group, please just join in via the links above or text or call Kevin Tower at 860-916-5062.

If you have a prayer request or need help in some way, please contact the any of our staff and/or the Care Team at .

Looking Unto Jesus,

TBC Staff