June 20th Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends,

As you have surely experienced, a father can impact our life deeply both positively and negatively.  We are so thankful for all the fathers in our church.  Tomorrow morning we will be looking at Noah’s role as a father.  The Bible says that by faith, Noah saved his family.  Although tomorrow I hope to encourage the men in our church to be the best father they can be by leaving a legacy of faith for their children, everyone can benefit every time the Bible is opened together.

I hope you can invite a friend to join us online or in person at 10:30am!


1.  TBC 40th ANNIVERSARY NEXT WEEK (SCHEDULE CHANGES):  Next week, on Sunday June 28th at 10:00am, we will show both in-person and on livestream a 30 minute video presentation for our church’s 40th anniversary.  Following the video, we will have a special service remembering what God has done for our church and looking forward to what He will continue to do.  We will NOT have an evening service Zoom, but we will have 2 different Zoom meet-ups for friends old and new to reconnect and share memories of their time at TBC.  More information will be available next week. Life groups will not be meeting, but Junior Church will meet at 9:00am on Zoom for a shortened session. 

2.  Justin & Allison Smith, our missionaries to Asia, will be speaking to us about their ministry during the Sunday Evening Zoom tonight. 

3.  The ladies of Truth Baptist Church are invited to MacKenzie O-Conner’s baby shower on Saturday, June 27th, at 2pm, held at TBC.  Fruit and cupcakes will be provided.  Please RSVP to the following link:  http://evite.me/97NURjxsJ2.  For any questions, please reach out to Christine Chidozie at 860-970-3331 or .


Click on the link at the time of the meeting to be taken to the Zoom meeting or Livestream.

Sunday, 9:00am - Junior Church (Ages 4 - 10)

We’ll start our lesson at 9:00am, but we’ll have the meeting open at 8:45am to allow parents time to log in and get their kids settled.  We’ll make sure to be done early enough to give you a break before the service begins streaming at 10:30. If you’d like to print out the optional worksheet to accompany the Junior Church lesson ahead of time, please download and print it here.

Sunday, 9:15am - Skip and Beth Mission Combined ABF Class
We are using the same handout as last week entitled “How Far was the Fall.”  Beth and I will Zoom the class from church, likely from my classroom off of the Gym.  If you want to sit in there with us, we would request that you would wear masks in these crazy times. Thank you for your understanding.

Sunday, 9:15am - Pastor Rowley’s ABF Class

Anyone can join.  We are looking at the Book of Deuteronomy and also discussing how to apply the Old Testament in the New Testament age.  Please join us if you haven’t found an ABF that fits.

 Sunday, 9:15am - Teen Sunday School Class

All teens are invited to this class taught by Kateri Tower. 

Sunday, 9:30am - Young Adults Adult Bible Fellowship

The Hoovers and St. Pierres will be hosting a Bible study for young adults.  We are looking at the life of Samson:  A Life Well Wasted. 

Sunday, 9:30am - The Book of John Bible Study

This is a small group studying the book of John with Kevin Tower.  Anyone can join.


No childcare is provided.  The livestream can be accessed on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube 15 minutes before the start of the service.  Gather the whole family to worship with us for our morning service either in-person or via livestream on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Pastor Rowley will be speaking on the influence a Father can have by looking at Noah’s faith as a father.

Sunday, 12:00pm - Joseph & Rebecca Pondugula Life Group

This life group is open to anyone.

Sunday, 5:00pm - Prayer Time for Church and Community Needs

Anyone can join and pray with us!


Anyone can join the evening service!  Justin & Allison Smith will be talking with us about their ministry in Asia.

Monday, 7:00pm - Junior High Girls Apologetics Class

Kirsten LaBranche is hosting an apologetics class each week for the Junior High Girls.  Please have a pack of notecards or a pad of paper and a pen ready when you sign on!

Tuesday, 10:00am - 2’s - 5’s Class

Mrs. Rowley will be teaching and talking with the 2-5 year olds.  

Tuesday, 10:00am - Ladies Bible Fellowship

Beth Mission invites all ladies to join for a time of Bible study and prayer.

Tuesday, 7:00pm 5th & 6th Grade Class

Ron Radziewicz and Adam Ploszaj teach this class for boys and girls in the 5th and 6th grade age group.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - TEEN Group Bible Study & Fellowship

All teens are invited.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Ron Radziewicz Life Group

This life group is studying the Book of Ruth.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Chuck & Debbie Jutras Life Group

This life group is studying the book of Galatians.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm Pastor & Deanna Rowley Life Group

A brief study of Nehemiah can help us see God’s plan for us in a world of danger.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Kevin Tower Life Group

This life group is studying the life of Christ through the Gospels.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Elvis & Christine Chidozie Life Group

This life group is currently studying the book of Hebrews and focusing on the person of Christ, the new covenant, and what this all means for us today. Anyone is invited to join.

Thursday, 9:30am - 1st - 4th Grade Sunday School Class

Kirsten LaBranche will be teaching this class.  Anyone in this age group is invited to join! 

If you would like to join a Life Group or Adult Bible Fellowship group, please just join in via the links above or text or call Kevin Tower at 860-916-5062.

If you have a prayer request or need help in some way, please contact the any of our staff and/or the Care Team at .

Looking Unto Jesus,

TBC Staff