April 4th Update

April 4th Update

Dear TBC Family & Friends,

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they? Matthew 6:26

Happy April!  It is exciting to be in a new month.  This past month has been difficult, but with the arrival of Spring and April, we are reminded that God is faithful and still good.  The weather is getting warmer, grass is greener, and the trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  Even more thrilling than these wonderful things, we celebrate Palm Sunday this weekend and Good Friday and Easter Sunday next weekend!

As Christians, Good Friday and Easter are why we have hope.  The death and resurrection of Jesus simultaneously paid the penalty for our sin and gave us the opportunity to have access again to God!  This is why we know that the Creator, the greatest conceivable Being, loves us.  Because we are human and have such limited minds that are tainted by sin and the fall, we struggle to understand His love for us.  We can doubt that He cares for us or values us.  In these times we must look to the cross!  We must remind ourselves of what He did to redeem us.  We must remind ourselves of His victory over sin and triumph over the grave.  

So we do not lose heart.  Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.  For this light and momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen.  (II Corinthians 4:16-18)   

Keep on going for God.


The following is a list of some of the ways to connect this week.  Click on the link at the time of the meeting to be taken to the Zoom meeting or Livestream.  For Zoom meetings, please find the place in your home with the strongest wifi and join with a tablet, computer, or phone.  Ideally your device will include a microphone and webcam so you can interact with the others in the meeting.

Sunday, 9:15am - Skip and Beth Mission Combined ABF Class
As we celebrate the Passion Week, we will focus on the cross and Jesus’ willful suffering for us.  Email Skip at  for class materials. 

Sunday, 9:15am - Pastor Rowley’s ABF Class
What lessons does Moses teach the younger generation that will bring success as they invade the Promised Land?  How do those apply to our lives today.  Anyone can join.

Sunday, 9:15am - Teen Sunday School Class
All teens are invited to this class taught by John & Chloe Mission.

Sunday, 9:30am - Young Adults Adult Bible Fellowship
The Hoovers and St. Pierres will be hosting a Bible study for young adults.  The new series will be on Samson:  A Life Well Wasted.

Sunday, 9:30am - The Book of John Bible Study
This is a small group studying the book of John with Kevin Tower.  Anyone can join.

Sunday, 9:30am - Junior Church (Ages 4 - 10)
We’ll start our lesson at 9:30am, but we’ll have the meeting open at 9:15 to allow parents time to log in and get their kids settled.  We’ll make sure to be done early enough to give you a break before the service begins streaming at 10:30. If you’d like to print out the optional worksheet to accompany the Junior Church lesson ahead of time, you’ll find it here.

The livestream can be accessed on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube 15 minutes before the start of the service.  Gather the whole family to worship with us for our morning service livestream on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  Pastor Rowley will be looking at some very practical issues.  When life doesn’t seem fair, do we have the “right” to be angry, blame God, hate those who hurt us?  Paul gives a surprising answer in 1Timothy 6:1-10.  Only when we look at life from an eternal standpoint will we experience true peace and liberation from the temptations, lusts, and desires that so easily control us.

Sunday, 12:00pm - Joseph & Rebecca Pondugula Life Group
This life group is open to anyone. 

Sunday, 5:00pm Prayer Meeting for Church Needs
Anyone can join.

Paul seems to indicate that covetousness is one of the less understood sins that can destroy lives.  We are going to study the virus of covetousness and it antidote.  The brief Bible study will be followed by breakout Zoom discussions.

Monday, 7:00pm - Junior High Girls Apologetics Class
Kirsten LaBranche is hosting an apologetics class each week for the Junior High Girls.  Please have a pack of notecards or a pad of paper and a pen ready when you sign on! 

Tuesday, 10:00am - 2’s - 5’s Class
Mrs. Rowley will be teaching and talking with the 2-5 year olds.  

Tuesday, 2:00pm - Ladies Bible Fellowship
Beth Mission invites all ladies to join for a time of Bible study and prayer.

Tuesday, 7:00pm 5th & 6th Grade Class
Ron Radziewicz and Adam Ploszaj teach this class for boys and girls in the 5th and 6th grade age group.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - TEEN Group Bible Study & Fellowship
All teens are invited.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Ron Radziewicz Life Group
This life group is studying what the Bible says about end times.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Chuck & Debbie Jutras Life Group
This life group is studying the 7 churches in the book of Revelation.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm Pastor & Deanna Rowley Life Group
Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Kevin Tower Life Group
This life group is studying the life of Christ through the Gospels.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Elvis & Christine Chidozie Life Group
This life group is currently studying God’s faithfulness in the life of Abraham.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - George & Vera Duhart Life Group
This life group is discussing the topic of Giants in our lives (based on the study of David and Goliath).  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:30pm - Marriage Class with Jay & Crystal van Achterberg

Thursday, 4:00pm - 1st - 4th Grade Sunday School Class
Wendy Tower will be teaching the class this week.  Anyone in this age group is invited to join! 

If you would like to join a Life Group or Adult Bible Fellowship group, please just join in via the links above or text or call Kevin Tower at 860-916-5062.  If you would like to start up a virtual prayer group or Bible study with a few of your friends, you can also contact Kevin Tower or Melanie Harper (860-906-6783).

If you have a prayer request or need help in some way, please contact any of our staff and/or the Care Team at .

Looking Unto Jesus,

TBC Staff