April 23 Announcements and Connection Links

Dear TBC Family and Friends,

Spring seems to be here! It’s getting a bit warmer which is great! Although the mosquitoes are out and about, and now I have all new sorts of problems!

Although the mosquitoes are out, I hope you can all still make it out tomorrow! Pastor Keith will be bringing us the Word of God. I am excited to hear what God has placed in his heart! It will be a great time of corporate worship.

Also please come back Sunday evening if you are able to continue learning from Pastor Rowley and his riveting study on the translation philosophy and the commitment to Scripture that the King James translator had. I am sure we will all learn a lot from this study.

I hope to be able to see you all tomorrow, Lord willing.

In Christ,

Pastor John


1.  NEW MEMBERS VOTE:  This Sunday, April 24th, the current members will be voting on adding the following people as members of our church:  David Harper, Daniel Harper, Hannah Person, Donna Cassidy, Laura Nazlian, Sasha Muniz, Joey Vazquez, Julie Estelle, Joe Lanyon, and Jack van Achterberg.

2.  VBS VOLUNTEER MEETING:  Anyone interested in volunteering for VBS should attend the 1st meeting on April 24th right after the evening service.  If you would like to help with VBS, please let John or Alisa Dannecker know ASAP.  We have a lot of positions to fill!

3.  TEEN PRE-GLOW:  Jim and Cory Hoover will be hosting this month’s teen PreGlow at TBC this Sunday, April 24th, from 12-2pm. Unlike an AfterGlow, a PreGlow happens right after the morning service over in the gym. It’s a perfect opportunity for teens to invite friends for a time of fun, food, fellowship, and spiritual growth.  All teens are invited!

4.  THE CHILD STEALER PLAY:  The TBC Teen Drama group is putting on a play called “The Child Stealer:  Amy Carmichael’s Fight for the Children of India” this Friday, April 29th & two times this Saturday, April 30th.  Everyone is invited to come.  You can sign up for a free ticket to reserve a spot at this link.

5.  COMMUNION:  We will be have a Communion service on Sunday morning, May 1st.  

6.  FAMILY MEETING & CHURCH FELLOWSHIP:  All committed attenders are invited to attend our next TBC family meeting with Pastor John on Sunday evening, May 1st, where Pastor John will be talking about the direction of our Children’s Ministry and sharing some other thoughts.  We will also have a Nacho Fiesta Fellowship following the meeting.  Details of what you can bring are below.

     A – I  Please bring a dessert to share
     J – Z  Please bring your favorite toppings for Nachos. Examples – chicken, beef, pork, jalapeños, olives, tomatoes, cilantro, black beans, onions.
     The church will provide chips, cheese, and beverages.

7.  MOTHER’S DAY SUBMISSIONS:  We would love for people to submit a few pictures of a mother in your life for a special tribute to mothers this Mother’s Day.  The photos can include other family members as well if desired.  Please upload your photos directly to this link.  You should be able to upload photos right from your phone.  If you need to email or text your photos or need to confirm that your photos uploaded, you can contact Morgan Nieves at 860-983-2505.

8.  SAVE THE DATES:  VBS week is July 11-14th.  

9.  As a general reminder, please don’t come to church in person if you or anyone in your household has any cold, flu-like symptoms, or Covid-19 symptoms.  Also, if you have had any exposure to anyone with Covid within the past 5 days, please do not come to church in person unless you have taken a test.  Also, if you have had Covid, please do not come back until you have followed the CDC recommendations for when you can leave quarantine.  If you have any questions, please contact Melanie or any of our pastors.  Please continue to pray for God to protect our church from this virus.


Sunday, 9:15am 2’s - 3’s Sunday School Class (In Person Only)
Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am 4’s - 5’s Sunday School Class (In Person Only)
Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am - 1st - 2nd Grade Sunday School Class (In Person Only)
Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am - 3rd - 4th Grade Sunday School Class (In Person Only)

All ll 3rd - 4th graders are invited to attend in person. 

Sunday, 9:15am 5th & 6th Grade Class (In Person & Zoom)

Anyone in this age group is invited.

Sunday, 9:15am Junior High Boys Class (7-9th grade) (In Person Only)
Any boys in this age group are invited.

Sunday, 9:15am - Junior High Girls Class (7-9th grade) (In Person Only)

Any girls in this age group are invited.

Sunday, 9:15am – Lord, Teach us to Pray! (In Person Only / Zoom By Request)
Skip Mission’s ABF class will focus on John 14-16, particularly as it relates to prayer. This class meets in the classroom off the gym. Anyone is welcome.

Sunday, 9:15am Ladies’ Bible Study and Prayer (In Person Only)
Beth Mission’s ABF class if for all ladies and is currently doing a study on the book of Joshua. They meet in the classroom across from the office.  All ladies are welcome.

Sunday, 9:30amThe Art of Parenting (In Person Only)
This class is co-led by the Christophel’s and the Rodriguez’s and meets in the upstairs gym adult classroom. Class format is a short video on parenting followed by discussion and prayer.  Anyone is welcome.

Sunday, 9:15am Book of Judges Class (In Person & Zoom)
Dave Pepe and Jim Moffitt are leading a class that is studying the Book of Judges.  Anyone is welcome to join in the Junior Church room (under the Sanctuary).

Sunday, 9:15am Next Steps Class (In Person Only / Zoom By Request)
Pastor Rowley will be starting a 12 week Next Steps Class to cover core beliefs at TBC.  Anyone who is interested in learning more about TBC’s basic beliefs should take this class.  This class meets in the gym.  We will run this class again in the fall.

Sunday, 10:30am SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE (In Person and Livestream)

The livestream can be accessed on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube 15 minutes before the start of the service.  Gather the whole family to worship with us for our morning service either in-person or via livestream on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. 

Sunday, 10:50am - Junior Church (Zoom & In Person)

Junior Church will be in person (ages 4-8) and over Zoom (ages 4-11) at 10:50am.  Junior Church will begin after the song service during the main worship service time.

Sunday, 5:00pm - Prayer Time for Church and Community Needs (In Person in Adult Classroom in Gym & on Zoom)

Anyone can join and pray with us!

Sunday, 6:00pm - SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE (In Person and Livestream)

The livestream can be accessed on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.  Childcare and a Children’s program (ages 2-10) are provided. 

Tuesday, 7:00pm - Joseph & Rebecca Pondugula Life Group (Zoom Only)

This life group is open to anyone via Zoom.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Teen Group (In Person Only)

Any teens are invited to join.  Teens are meeting in person.  Pastor Rodriguez leads the teen group.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Rudy Nelson Life Group (In Person & Zoom)

This life group is studying the book of Genesis.  Anyone is invited to join in person at church or via Zoom.

Wednesday, 7:00pm Ron Radziewicz Life Group (Zoom Only)
This world looks nothing like the promised perfect kingdom of God. And yet we as God’s people must live in it every day. In The Book of 1 Peter, Kyle Idleman walks through the short letter and unpacks the importance of our witness in this world.  The world’s not as it should be. Until the day that God rights all wrongs, we have a job to do. Let’s be about the business of the kingdom.  Anyone is invited to join.

Wednesday, 7:00pm Pastor & Deanna Rowley Life Group (Zoom Only)

Anyone is invited to join via Zoom.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Kevin Tower Life Group (In Person & Zoom)

This life group is studying the life of Christ through the Gospels.  Anyone is invited to join in person at church or via Zoom.

Wednesday, 7:00pm - Elvis Chidozie Life Group (Zoom Only)

This life group is studying the book of Daniel and focusing on real examples of faithfulness to God in the midst of a very adverse culture. Anyone is invited to join via Zoom.

If you would like to join a Life Group or Adult Bible Fellowship group, please just join in via the links above or text or call Kevin Tower at 860-916-5062.

If you have a prayer request or need help in some way, please contact the any of our staff and/or the Care Team at .

Looking Unto Jesus,

TBC Staff